Homeless Continuum
of Care
for Roseville, Rocklin,
Placer & Nevada Counties


The Homeless Resource Council of the Sierras is the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designated Continuum of Care for Placer and Nevada Counties and serves as the lead agency for homelessness prevention, housing, and shelter.

Annually, each CoC consolidates community-wide information into a single application and submits it to HUD.  Participating agencies participate in this comprehensive collaborative application process that brings in over $1 million for needed support to local programs in Placer and Nevada Counties. 

HUD provides these Continuum of Care grants to help end homelessness and provide critically needed support to local programs on the front lines of serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness and supports the work toward the goal of ending homelessness.

A complete list of funding awards around the country can be found here.

The Homeless Resource Council of the Sierras (CA-515 - Roseville, Rocklin/Placer, Nevada Counties CoC) total awards for 2017:                                                      

2017 CoC Planning Grant                                          $36,981

ASOC Permanent Supportive Housing 2016        $374,039

Home Anew Renewal 3                                            $24,950

Permanent Supportive Housing                              $34,821

Permanent Supportive Housing 2                           $22,251

Permanent Supportive Housing 4                           $21,079

Placer St 2011 FY 2016                                               $13,294

ReAllocation HMIS Project                                       $51,266

Shelter Plus Care Renewal FY 2016                       $283,184

Stand Up Placer Permanent Housing FY 2017     $226,983

Summer's Haven Renewal 6                                    $113,958

Timberline Shelter Plus Care FY 2016                    $20,718

Winters' Haven Renewal 3                                        $40,580

CA-515 Total                                                              $1,264,104